carsConversion of your light or medium sized commercial vehicle to operate on natural gas could result in:

  • Fuel price savings – depending on your circumstances, fuel price savings in excess of 50% can be obtained.
  • Extended engine life – natural gas is inherently ‘clean’ and is proven to result in reduced engine wear
  • Reduced maintenance costs – In some circumstances, regular maintenance such as oil changes can be extended due to reduced wear and tear
  • Reduced emissions – Different applications produce different results but in general, natural gas engines produce lower particulate and NOx emissions. In some cases greenhouse gas savings can also be obtained, especially if you are using natural gas instead of petrol/gasoline

Advanced Fuels converts cars and light commercials of all sizes to natural gas operation. Advanced Fuels has more experience, with more classes of vehicles in more countries than almost any other alternative fuels provider in the Asia-Pacific. Having converted engines as small as 50cc and over to natural gas operation, we bring that experience to every project and every product we supply.

Whether you are looking to convert a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we have the technology and expertise to meet your requirements. Our team can assess your needs to determine the right technology for your application – bi-fuel, dedicated, or dual-fuel.

Because we supply everything from the conversion equipment right back to the refuelling nozzle and beyond, Advanced Fuels is your one stop alternative fuels shop.

No matter where you are located, contact Advanced Fuels first for your natural gas vehicle requirements.