Company History

In the mid 1990’s Bruce Thompson, Founder of Advanced Fuels Technology Pty. Ltd., through his many years of experience in the automotive industry, including several years in the LPG Industry, came to realise to potential of Natural Gas, and the important role this gaseous fuel would have in Australia’s future transport infrastructure development.

Bruce believed that Natural Gas would one day be a practicable and viable alternative fuel, especially to the Transport Industry. It was on the back of this vision that he established Advanced Fuels Technology in 1996.

Since then, Advanced Fuels Technology has developed and grown to be Australia’s premier Natural Gas solutions provider to the Automotive Industry, specialising in the design, installation and commissioning of natural gas technology.

We take great care and pride in ensuring our customers receive a product solution tailored to their needs. Whether the solution is a simple industrial vehicle conversion, or a full refuelling infrastructure implementation, no project is too small nor too large.

Strategy & Vision

Advanced Fuels Technology’s Vision Statement is simple – We strive to become and maintain our position as Australia’s premier Natural Gas Implementation Specialists. To do this, Advanced Fuels Technology must place our Customers first.

The main focus of our Company is the development of not only the business itself, but of the NGV Industry as well. This is due to the fact that the Industry is currently in the emerging phase of its life cycle, and as such any growth in the Industry is great business for Advanced Fuels Technology as well.

Over the years, Advanced Fuels Technology has worked hard to establish and nurture relationships across the transport industry; from OEM to the end user. We believe that spending time with our customers to ensure that what solution we propose will be of long-term, on-going benefit to the end-user, and not purely focused on the initial capital expenditure.

Advanced Fuels Technology holds firm to core values of honesty and integrity. We believe that the only way to be truly successful is to foster long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with all parties.

As a Company, we have grown from a vehicle conversion technology installation partner to a system design and implementation specialist. Therefore we believe growth is to be achieved in the expansion of our skill set within the industry and further organic growth as the transport industry moves to adopt a deeper penetration of natural gas vehicles into their fleets. Whilst acquisition is not our focus, Advanced Fuels Technology stands ready to access opportunities as they arise.